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Private Speech Therapy

ASLTIP members have chosen to be called independent speech and language therapists rather than private speech therapists, because many therapists work within schools and hospitals, rather than having individual arrangements with each client they see. However independent speech and language therapy is generally referred to as private speech therapy. Independent or private speech therapists negotiate their own employment terms and conditions. They are responsible for their own tax and pension arrangements for the time they are working independently or privately.

Speech therapists who are members of ASLTIP offer private speech and language therapy to members of the public who can refer themselves directly without having to go through their GP. Most of our members have worked in the NHS before starting to take private referrals and a number of members continue to work part time for the NHS. Under the rules of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, ASLTIP members are not allowed to see children or adults privately in the same location as they work for the NHS.

Private Speech Therapists who are members of ASLTIP liaise closely with their NHS colleagues, particularly when the adult or child they are providing therapy for is also being seen by a speech therapist on the NHS. A number of our members will make it a condition of agreeing to undertake treatment privately, that they liaise with NHS colleagues. It is important that members of the public seeking private speech therapy inform both their NHS therapist and their private speech therapist that they are seeing both.

Healthcare insurance sometimes covers private speech therapy and members of the public seeking private speech therapy should check with their insurers to see if any treatment can be covered. A number of our members are registered with private healthcare companies, however, ASLTIP advises its members to arrange payment directly with the client and to provide detailed receipted invoices for the client to present to their insurance company.

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