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Progressive neurological disorder

Giving Voice
Posted on: 20-02-2015

Did you know you can download the following factsheets with case studies and peoples' stories showing how Speech and Language Therapy changes lives? Supporting people with dementia Dementia can cause a range of difficulties in relation to communication, safe eating and drinking. Speech and language therapists support people with dementia and their carers by assessing their needs and delivering dir... Read More ...

New findings could help explain why MS affects more women than men
Posted on: 23-05-2014

A promising early study from the Washington University School of Medicine suggests that a protein called S1PR2 could play a role in allowing immune cells to enter the central nervous system and cause the damage that occurs in MS. Researchers have found that the S1PR2 gene appears to be more active in women than in men, and also in regions of the brain that tend to be affected by MS. Dr Emma Gray, ... Read More ...