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Boston Children's Hospital Communication Program to Preserve Voices of ALS Patients
Posted on: 14-12-2015

Last week on December 8th (2015), The Augmentative Communication Program (ACP) at Boston Children’s Hospital received a $1.5 million gift in order to establish a program dedicated to improving the lives of adult patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (commonly known as ALS). ALS is a fatal and progressive neurodegenerative disease with no known treatment. This unique program will promote the... Read More ...

International Day of Persons With Disabilities
Posted on: 03-12-2015

Today, December 3rd 2015, marks the International Day of Persons with Disability. The estimated one billion people living with disabilities worldwide face many barriers to inclusion in many key aspects of society. As a result, people with disabilities do not enjoy access to society on an equal basis with others, which includes areas of transportation, employment, and education as well as social a... Read More ...

Co-Treating in a School Setting
Posted on: 19-11-2015

Co-treatment within school settings can prove to be a model that benefits students and therapists alike. Frances Newman, OTR/L, and Joni Adams, M.A. CCC-SLP, have recently delved into the idea of co-treatment, exploring how it can improve and benefit treatments within speech and language therapy. So, what exactly is co-treatment? Co-treatment sessions are when two therapists from different discip... Read More ...

Admin support proposals requested - deadline extended for proposals
Posted on: 12-11-2015

The ASLTIP Board are currently looking for additional admin support services for a variety of tasks including. · Minute taking at the companies AGM. · Secretarial Support to the Board of Directors. · Dealing with e mail and telephone enquiries. · Liaising and supporting the current administrator with membership services. ASLTIP do not have a central office so we would be looking for a company or i... Read More ...

International Stammering Awareness Day
Posted on: 23-10-2015

Yesterday, on the 22nd of October, was this year’s International Stammering Awareness Day. So what exactly is stammering? Defined as speaking with sudden involuntary pauses and a tendency to repeat the initial letters of words, stammering or stuttering is relatively common - it’s estimated that one in every 100 adults has a stammer. The NHS defines two main types of stammering: ‘Developmental stam... Read More ...

Dyslexia Awareness Week
Posted on: 05-10-2015

Today marks the start of this year’s Dyslexia Awareness Week (DAW), held by the British Dyslexia Association and running from the 5th to the 11th October 2015. The theme for this year’s ‘DAW’ is “Making Sense of Dyslexia...” with the aim during the week to explore the different aspects of dyslexia and help raise general awareness and understanding. One in ten of the UK population is estimated to ... Read More ...

Happy World Comic Book Day!
Posted on: 25-09-2015

Happy World Comic Book Day! Today, Friday the 25th September 2015, is World Comic Book Day. Comic books are everywhere and inspire a lot of popular culture, from art to television to film. Although comic books have some origins in 1700s Japan and 1830s Europe, they were first truly popularised in the United States during the 1930s. Adoration towards comic books from the world’s general populous h... Read More ...

Voice Box Competition 2015
Posted on: 16-09-2015

The RCSLT and The Communication Trust have teamed up to run this year’s Voice Box Competition. The competition – now for the first time open to both primary and secondary school pupils – aims to raise awareness amongst children of the fun and importance of communication. So what does the competition involve? Mainstream and specialist primary and secondary schools in England, Scotland and Wales ca... Read More ...

Bev Jessup shares her expertise with ASLTIP colleagues
Posted on: 04-09-2015

Yesterday ASLTIP hosted its first free webinar for ASLTIP members. ASLTIP member, Bev Jessup hosted a one hour webinar looking at the use of Skype in her practice. Bev shared a thorough guide to the advantages and disadvantages; her experiences and some really practical suggestions and strategies. Attendees benefited from Bev’s experience in using Skype in her practice as well as exploring alterna... Read More ...

Social networking sites
Posted on: 19-08-2015

There was recently discussion on a number of SLP Facebook groups on what therapists should or shouldn't post - ASHA guidance included that SLPs should not be asking others for test scoring assistance on such pages. In the UK, we have the guidelines from HCPC: Focus on Standards-social networking sites More and more people are using social networking sites or blogs to communicate with friends and f... Read More ...