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ASLTIP Conference 2017 - PROMPT sessions
Posted on: 06-12-2016

The ASLTIP Conference 2017 is very promising! Tracey Delio will present 3 sessions about PROMPT at the ASLTIP Conference, on March 25th 2017. What is PROMPT? PROMPT, an acronym for PROMPTS for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets, is a multidimensional approach to speech production disorders has come to embrace not only the well-known physical-sensory aspects of motor performance, but als... Read More ...

Pros and cons of being an independent therapist
Posted on: 31-10-2016

The following blog post is a repost from Speechbloguk. Please find the original one here. "Today I’m going to tackle a slightly different sort of topic from usual, but one I often get asked about by other speech and language therapists. What are the pros and cons of working in independent practice? A bit of background before I start. Elizabeth and I both worked for the NHS for 10 years (me) or mo... Read More ...

Listen to your Mother
Posted on: 23-08-2016

Your mother’s voice engaged with your brain as a child far more than the voices of unfamiliar women, suggests new research from the Standford University School of Medicine. The study has investigated the way in which a mother’s voice activates multiple brain systems, including reward, emotion, and face-processing centres, reflecting how widely a mother’s voice is broadcast throughout a child’s br... Read More ...

Snozzcumbers and gobblefunk: How The BFG was inspired by aphasia
Posted on: 28-07-2016

“I is not a very know-all giant, myself. But it seems to me that you is an absolutely know-nothing human bean. Your brain’s full of rotten wool.” “You mean cotton wool?” Sophie said. “What I mean and what I say is two different things,” the BFG announced, rather grandly. The BFG, a much loved children’s book written by the widely acclaimed and adored author Roald Dahl, has been making headlines r... Read More ...

Free! Member Only Webinar - CPD and audit
Posted on: 12-07-2016

A reminder to sign up for the free webinar hosted by ASLTIP and presented by Jonathan Jones from HCPC. He will be discussing the timely issues of audit and CPD - essential for all members. If you cannot attend on the day, please sign up and you will receive the recorded webinar to watch at a convenient time. Sign up here ... Read More ...

The Health and Care Professions Council’s standards for continuing professional development (CPD) and CPD audit process
Posted on: 29-06-2016

Join us on Thursday the 21st of July at 1:00pm (BST) for a free webinar with Jonathan Jones on The Health and Care Professions Council’s standards for continuing professional development (CPD) and CPD audit process. This webinar will provide a detailed explanation of the HCPC’s CPD requirements. Participants will: • Gain a detailed understanding of the HCPC’s five standards for CPD. • Understand ... Read More ...

Google Glass could change the way children with autism read faces
Posted on: 24-06-2016

Like many autistic children, Julian Brown has trouble reading emotions in people’s faces, one of the biggest challenges for people with the neurological disorder. Now, the 10-year-old San Jose boy is getting help from ‘autism glass’ – an experimental device created by researchers at Stanford University using Google Glass that records and analyses faces in real time and alerts him to the emotions ... Read More ...

'Dyslexia and near paralysis inspired me to start my own business'
Posted on: 13-06-2016

In 2005, at the age of 15, Dean Jenkins was told he had the reading age of an eight-year old. He grew up with dyslexia and dyscalculia, meaning he left school with few prospects. But now, eleven years later, Dean is the founder of start-up Codez Academy The story of how he got there, is an inspiring one. “It was very hard for me. I felt like I had nowhere to go when I left school,” Dean started. ... Read More ...

Google's Latest Accessibility Feature Is So Good, Everyone Will Use It
Posted on: 24-05-2016

Perhaps you have an Android device and are already familiar with the useful voice activated Google Assistant, by which you simply say "OK Google" aloud and then the action you want the device to complete (for example, opening text messages). Though it was developed for users with severe motor impairment, thanks to recent developments and updates, Google Voice Access could revolutionize how anyone... Read More ...

‘Too often speech and language provision stops when we get to a place called “OK”’
Posted on: 12-04-2016

‘Too often speech and language provision stops when we get to a place called “OK”’ One primary school head argues that it’s time for a speech and language revolution in order to tackle the ‘limited and unsatisfactory’ options available. When asked about provision for speech and language therapy in schools, Jeremy Thompson can’t help but think of children like Sam. Sam is a student at Jeremy’s prim... Read More ...