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Miss Liz Wood

I am an Independent Specialist Therapist with many years experience of successfully helping children with communication needs. I aim to provide an approachable and flexible service to parents, carers and settings. I offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation to briefly discuss your child’s needs and advise whether my support may benefit your child. I can support your child with a a wide range of difficulties including : Language Delay, (late talkers) Delayed or Disordered spoken language. and grammar (sentence & word difficulties) Speech sound delay and disorders (unclear speech) Ways to support Learning Difficulties Ways to support Stammering upto the age of 19. I offer a Mobile service in your home or school/ nursery setting Sessions are available Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays. Evening appointments can be arranged dependent upon the age of your child. Please look at my Facebook page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/Speak.inc.notts/ Or email: speakinctherapy@outlook.com As an experienced trainer I am able to work with your child’s educational setting to support key staff to provide the best possible support for your child. Whole school training is also available .