Mrs Carla Bryson

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Mrs Carla Bryson

I'm an experienced therapist specialising in adults with acquired speech/language/communication & swallowing difficulties resulting from neurological/progressive conditions. This includes stroke, Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease and Dementia/Alzheimers. I have over 12 years experience of working across various settings including acute and rehabilitation wards, stroke units, out-patient clinics, residential/nursing homes and clients own homes. I'm also certified in Lee Silverman Voice Treatment for people with Parkinson's disease. I provide assessment and treatment of dysphasia (difficulties with understanding and/or expression), dysarthria (slurred speech), dyspraxia (difficulty coordinating movements required to create speech sounds), neurogenic dysphonia (neurological voice difficulties) and dysphagia (swallowing difficulties).