Mrs Diana Waha

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Mrs Diana Waha

Diana qualified in 1999 as a Speech and Language Therapist (Postgraduate Diploma, City University). She has predominately worked with children in the preschool years and the foundation stages of education. She has experience of working with language delay and global developmental delay. Her skills include supporting language development with both Makaton (signing) and PECS (visuals). She can assess and provide the most appropriate stammering intervention for your child. Making use of both Liddcombe (direct) and Palin PCI (indirect) approaches. Diana has also helped to support children with social communication difficulties both at home and within their educational environments. Working both on their non-verbal communication and play. Over the years she has had significant experience working with children which speech clarity issues. Working with both articulatory (difficulties producing sounds) and phonological (difficulties using the appropriate sound). The direct experience that Diana has received in the community clinic environment, is also supported by the training that she did on the Nuffield dyspraxia approach. In recent years Diana has provided training for parents and educational settings. Diana has developed a specialist interest in play development, selective mutism and bilingualism.