Opportunities at ASLTIP - Invitation to Tender
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The Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice is pleased to invite you to tender for Services.


The Invitation to Tender will open at 16:00 pm 28th July 2017.


The tender documents comprise this ITT letter, rules of tendering and the ITT documents. This procurement is being conducted under a OJEU procedure.

This ITT sets out the information which is required in order to assess the suitability of applicants in terms of their quality assurance processes, relationship management, pricing, service levels and innovative solutions to meet the requirements of ASLTIP for its services. The successful applicant will be required to deliver services in accordance with all attached documents and the contract to be placed with the successful applicant.

The contract will be subject to ASLTIP’s requirements and satisfactory performance through continuous monitoring and performance review. During the contract life, the successful applicants will need to achieve continuous improvement. Failure to do so may result in the contract being terminated.

Any questions concerning this document or the tendering process should be sent via email to
chair@helpwithtalking.com by no later than 10th August 2017.

If it is necessary to amend the ITT documents prior to the submission of tender proposals, or to extend

the tender period, all applicants will be notified by email through email.

ASLTIP may either waive or insist on strict compliance with any requirement set out within this ITT.

ASLTIP reserves the right not to contract or contract only in part with any applicant.

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